Interactive, Beautiful & Elegant

Accentuate your menu with beautiful layout of images and video gallery. Prepare your guests for a mouth feast and use the power of connected mobile tablets.

Improve Efficiency and Growth

With seamless smooth interactions between servers, chefs and guests, empower your restaurant team with optimized software solution. Deliver more, increase the turnaround time, and powerful statistics.

Make guests love you

Interact with your guests with ease through touch enabled interactive menu. Create a favorable guest experience, increase their stratification and fidelity.

Sustain Growth

Increase your market share and sales by making decision based on powerful statistics. MenuTium can help you understand your customers needs and tailor your menu to your guests.

People Really Matter

Get instant feedback from guests. Accumulate real, valuable insights to help enhance the overall dining experience, increase customers retention and loyality

order delivery

Extends your restaurant menu all the way to the customer phone/tablet on the go.

Sharp Minded Solutions

Create and update your menu using plates pictures, descriptions, names and other useful information.
Handle online orders, extend your interactions with your guests (customers) by sending news/updates and provide two communication links with customers, and more

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast does it take to integrate MenuTium Solution ?

Typically, it takes 1-2 weeks to fully implement. This can vary depending on the scale of the implementation and the operator’s ability to secure all needed resources (menu copy, plated images, branding elements and correct system requirements) as well as operator input.

Can I customize MenuTium and use my existing branding ?

Since the menu listings and branding are controlled in the cloud-based control panel, your branding and full menu implementation is done with relative ease.

Is the hardware provided ?

Because MenuTium is complete software solution, operators are free to choose the right Tablets, printers, charging stations, safes and any ancillary equipment that is required and/or desired.

Can games or other apps be installed on the iPads ?

MenuTium is software on the device so operators can choose to allow their guests to use other features of the tablets, including games, music, browsing, etc. Ultimately, your operation is responsible for all security and access of their devices and network.

Superior Service By Empowered Team

Make customers your top priority, deliver the best service possible at all times by empowering each member of your team with MenuTium smart features.


MenuTium makes dining a pleasant experience from the time guests touches the screen. The dynamic Menu is available for free on mobile devices for a smarter food online ordering


Empower servers with visually attractive menu to enhance the guests dining experience, build rapport and increase customers satisfaction. .


Unique ordering experience directly from the guests to the chef. Reduces load on servers and enable instant view for the Chef of the current customers orders.


Powerful tool to speed up and enhance take out and home delivery experience for both customers and employees.

Our Plan

Because one size does not fit all, MenuTium solution comes in three flavors to boost your business with a beautiful and dynamic Menu as the inherent changing nature of food preparation. The basic plan will make your business stand out of the crowd, more features will become necessary as your business grows and we can help you sustain the growth with the advanced features offered as part of our Deluxe package. All packages comes with free setup and 6 month support so you can focus on what matters, delight your customers, offer great healthy food and grow your business

  • Stand Out of Crowd

  • -

  • Grow Your Business, Reach More Customers
    Bring Your Menu To Life
    Handle On line Orders with Ease
    Get Powerful Statistics

  • Beautiful and Delicious

  • -

  • Enhance Your Guests Dining Experience
    Stay Connected With Your Customers
    Increase Online Orders

  • Smart, Connected, Delightfull

  • -

  • Highlight Your Menu
    Delight and Grow Your Customers
    Increase Your Team Efficiency
    Get Powerful Insights
    Manage Your Restaurant With Ease

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